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Web based training delivery

AVANTI E-training System puts you in control of converting your company's training to online courses and exams. It's designed for the typical workplace, so no special skills or resources are needed – just you and the internet. Everything is carefully tracked and documented to your training standards. Best of all, it is completely customized to your operations and editable at any time.

Join the many companies using AVANTI to fulfill training requirements the quick and easy way. You will soon be using the enormous amount of time and money saved for better things.

Why?Why e-learning?

Any size company

A complete world-class online training system that is easy and affordable for any company.

You need nothing but a basic computer and internet access.

One cup of coffee

All-inclusive cost for unlimited use is about the same as one cup of coffee per employee per month!

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More than just training

Memo System: Send documents, track delivery status, force recipients to confirm, maintain in library, etc.

Surveys: Send surveys. Track results. Get results via email. Anonymous option. Also a great safety system tool. INCLUDED!

Reference Library: Make any kind of computer documents available to your staff via the web, but kept within password protected system you control. INCLUDED!

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Love your training audits

Training audits are a breeze as all activity is tracked and records are available securely via the web.

You can even provide your key clients a special login to audit the training records of the employees serving them!

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